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Broker CoPilot

Glide through cumbersome processes effortlessly with our fully automated platform that’s Actually Intelligent!

Manual Policy Checking is a tedious process riddled with multiple challenges. Administrative tasks like these eat up your time, making it difficult to manage client relationships. Broker Copilot stands out as an exceptionally intelligent platform tailored specifically for the commercial insurance sector. It operates as a steadfast ally to insurance brokers, tackling the burdensome tasks, elevating the standard of service, facilitating informed decision-making, and fostering meaningful client engagement. It helps automate 70% to 90% of manually intensive tasks, thus saving time.

Key Modules of Broker CoPilot

Placement Analytics & Recommendations

Get recommendations on the right coverage for the insured and best-suited markets to place the risk. Get a handle on the performance of your agents and carrier partners.

Quote Comparison

Get a customized, comprehensive, impressive, client-presentable summary of complex quotes, with detailed T&C comparison and client-specific recommendations.

Policy Checking

Check bound policies against all submission documents, including complex schedules, expiring policies, and quotes/binders. Get a comprehensive check on verbiage changes.

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