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Broker CoPilot

Glide through tedious processes with an end-to-end automated platform that’s Actually Intelligent!

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Broker CoPilot

Uncomplicate. Automate. Supervise.

The one Actually Intelligent platform trained for commercial insurance, consistently serves as an ally, handling tedious work, improving quality, aiding in better decision-making, and engaging clients effectively.

Modules Available Now

Placement Analytics & Recommendations

Get recommendations on the right coverage for the insured and best-suited markets to place the risk. Get a handle on the performance of your agents and carrier partners.

Quote Comparison

Get a customized, comprehensive, impressive, client-presentable summary of complex quotes, with detailed T&C comparison and client-specific recommendations.

Policy Checking

Check bound policies against all submission documents, including complex schedules, expiring policies, and quotes/binders. Get a comprehensive check on verbiage changes.

Upcoming Modules

Lead Finder

Enhances new business prospecting and conversion

Submission Data Verification

Provides the right coverage for clients, reduces E&O risk and ensures efficiency and speed of submission

Col Assist

Manages the lifecycle of fulfilling Certificate of Insurance requests 

Cognitive Quote Compare

Crunch hour-long tedious process into minutes, with more comprehensive, error-free, and improved client presentation. 

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How it works

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Policy Check

Exhaustively check hundreds of pages and fields across all relevant documents precisely, backed by human QC as needed. Configure a pre-defined checklist. Auto draft emails with variance back to carriers for endorsements/updates.

Documents Checked

Fields Checked

Types of Fields


New vs. expiring policy and quote




Up to 25





Quantitative only


Bronze + ACORD / Applications + Binder
  25- 50
Quantitative + Listed Exclusions and Endorsements 


+ All Schedules
Silver + Complete Verbiage Check 

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Placement Analytics

Get recommendations on the right coverage and best suited carriers/MGA. Get comprehensive analysis on performance of agents and your carrier partners.

Market Insights

Coverage by occupation

Premium by LoB, CoB, State, etc.

Carrier policy T&Cs

Carrier quote / decline rates

Carrier competitiveness

Agency Analytics

Carrier performance

Performance by client segment (line/class)

E&O exposure in historic book*

Quote to bind vs. market

Broker productivity

Client / Carrier churn rate

*Based on analysis of error rate in previously bound policies 

Why Broker CoPilot

No cost onboarding, frictionless processing


It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to onboard CoPilot. Moreover, it eliminates all possible friction in the processes (See why we love Insurance?)

Insights ready for action


CoPilot provides greater accuracy and a broader view, doing more than just numbers – incorporating not only quantitative checks but also clause comparisons. It gives valuable guidance so you can choose the best product for your clients with confidence. 

No hustle, no hassle


Broker CoPilot helps automate 70% to 90% of manually intensive tasks, thus saving time. Time you can use to serve your customers better or enjoy a round of golf every now and then.

Processes elevated to perfection


With the automation of manual tasks, expect a significant reduction in errors and a notable enhancement in output precision.

More human, more humane


While we love machines and AI, we’ve also added a touch of human intervention for answering queries or making complex decisions.

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