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with P&C CoPilot Platform
designed for operations across
the insurance value chain

Start executing
your GenAI projects
in just 2 weeks 

Peace of Mind with GenAI

P&C CoPilot Platform

Give your GenAI projects a flying start!

P&C CoPilot Platform is an automation and insights powerhouse tailored for Property and Casualty Insurance. It’s engineered to energize and expedite GenAI initiatives throughout the entire value chain. Benefit from our P&C domain library and pre-configured models, ensuring swift execution of new use cases and accelerated GenAI project delivery. We offer end-to-end execution support from GenAI data scientists, engineers & human-in-the-loop processing.

Automated Intake

Extraction, Classification Enrichment, Validation

Complex Document Analysis

Workflow Automation


bluepond copilot

Rapid Deployment

Get going in just 2 weeks


Data Ownership

Complete control of your data & IP


P&C Ready

Leverage pre-trained P&C domain library

Quote Comparison
Policy Checking

Broker CoPilot

Streamline. Optimize. Grow.

Glide through tedious processes with an end-to-end automated platform that’s Actually Intelligent!

Placement Analytics & Recommendations
  • Better coverage for insured

  • Better placement effectiveness

Quote Comparison

Customized summary of complex quotes with detailed T&C comparison & client specific recommendations 

Policy Checking

Check bound policies against quote/binder, submission including all schedules, and expiring policy

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